Better Products, Better Prices.
We Have What You Need.

GUIBER USA is a Wholesale Distributor, located in Southern California, bringing you a variety of products at an effective availability to you.

We prioritize your needs and do all of the gritty work in between.

Industrial Wholesaler in California

Guiber USA is a wholesaler and distributor of different industrial products. Based in California, actually serving nationwide.

High-quality and sturdy industry supply products are our specialization. We strive to build a loyal customer base by catering to our customer's specific needs to their satisfaction.

Our Core Products

  • Paper Products
  • Aluminum Products
  • Electronic Parts
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Logistics Services

Bulk Purchasing

Bulk Purchasing is at the core of GUIBER USA. We are able to get you exactly what your business needs, at the price point you want and the quality for your consumers. 

At Guiber USA, our sole goal is to provide our customers with the largest selection of products and meet the specific needs of any industry supplies. We also handle all custom export and import requirements.


Guiber USA offers innovative Telecommunication Services for your business. Our highly skilled experts are proactive and effective at getting you the services you need. 

  • WISP Supplier
  • Data Services
  • Electronic Products